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COPENHAGEN, Feb 13 (Reuters) - Danish telecoms company 3 said on Monday If you adored this information along with you would like to receive guidance relating to insert your data generously stop by our own internet site. one or more hackers had stolen data from around 3,600 of its customers and attempted to get the company, owned by CK Hutchison Holdings Ltd and Investor AB , to pay "millions" to not publish it.

The company, which has around 1.2 million customers in total, said it would not "negotiate with criminals" and has handed over the case to the police.

"After dialogue with the police, our assessment is that the blackmail threat is real and that the perpetrators actually are in possession of the data," 3 said in a statement.

The stolen data consists of names, addresses and civil registration numbers but not bank information or pin codes, the company said.

3 said it was not immediately clear how the breach had happened. The company was not immediately available for further comment. (Reporting by Stine Jacobsen. Editing by Jane Merriman)
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